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AllergyScreen® and AlleisaScreen® are two test systems to detect allergen-specific IgE in human serum. Customers can be provided with the necessary test strips and the corresponding hard- and software (camera, scanner, testing equipment, robotics).

Clear advantage over single determinations

A more detailed
and extensive analysis

It is extremely important for allergic persons to identify their sensitizations in order to establish an appropriate life plan — even when, from a clinical point of view, not all of these sensitizations are current. Labs can either use single or multiple allergens for the determination of allergic sensitization. In both cases the allergens are extracted in the same way. Single allergen test systems usually test only allergens based on the patient‘s complaints and clinical history.

By contrast, test membranes with multiple allergens make it possible to test different allergen groups, thereby determining sensitization with no clinical currency at the time of the test. Since most sensitizations are cross-reactive, key allergens in particular are always present. One trough with several key allergens allows for a rapid detection of all possible antigens in a single lab test. This type of approach is naturally cheaper than single tests, uses less lab materials and less patient‘s serum. The use of allergen specific test strips with multiple food allergens or test panels with multiple respiratory allergens also lead to more detailed and extensive patient analysis.

Fast and precise Allergy Screening

Our Immunoblot System enables:

  • Easy and quick test procedure (just 2.5 hours)
  • Easy evaluation with fitting scanners for every lab size
  • Flexible, customized and country-specific allergen panels
  • Test up to 60 allergens in one run
  • CCD-Blocking-Solution available
  • Best price-allergen ratio of all allergy screening systems on the market

German quality standards

Our products are developed and manufactured directly in our lab to meet the highest standards.

  • Regular participation in proficiency tests
  • High internal quality control standards
  • Certification by the mdc, ISO-Certificate 13485
  • Every single component is thoroughly checked before delivery

Qualified customer support

We are looking forward to advice you regarding all questions on allergens, the process, and the hardware systems.

  • Fast and competent customer service
  • Technical support for all hardware components
  • More than 500 allergens in store
  • On-demand production of specific allergens possible
  • Fast and easy worldwide delivery