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Automatic processing

Automatic processing

Mediwiss Analytic in collaboration with Bee Robotics Ltd., designed and developed a fully automatic equipment with little operator intervention: the RobScreen. This powerful tool can run all necessary steps, from serum pipetting over washing, incubating and drying up to the final analysis with a precise integrated scanner. A laptop with the preinstalled evaluation software (available in all languages) is included.

  • Processing of AllergyScreen/ AlleisaScreen test strips
  • Handling of up to 36 panels
  • Barcode reading for both sample and membranes
  • Liquid level detection
  • Washing, incubation and drying of the membranes
  • Integrated scanner for image capture
  • Integrated calibration of the scanner
  • Laptop with preinstalled evaluation software included
  • Evaluation software and results available in all languages
  • Connection to LIMS is possible

Processing the samples

A carousel with extra designed collets is used to hold sample tubes with different sizes, allowing sample rotation for barcode reading. This facilitates aspiration and detection of the sample.

Sample and membranes identification

The identification of the sample is ensured by an integrated barcode scanner. A second scanner is used to scan the panels prior to starting the assay, when AllergyScreen/ AlleisaScreen panels are used in the same assay run.

Reagents addition and membrane incubation

A combination of peristaltic pumps for the washing and a piston pump for the addition of serum and reagents is used. So, we guarantee minimal waste, by not having to prime the reagents trough long lengths of tubing.
Another big advantage: expensive conductive tips are no longer needed due to the development of pressure level sensing.

Reading the results

An integrated scanner, attached to a moving arm, ensures that the membranes can be automatically imaged at the end of the assay, without any operator intervention. The images are transmitted to the interpretation software, which analyses them and presents the results.
The calibration of the scanner ensures a constant quality and high resolution image.